So you’re in the UK and you’re looking for Free UK Dating Sites but all you get is crap and paid sites that are just too expensive. While there are many free UK dating sites most are just awful and push so many ads that it’s hard to decipher anything. That’s where Multus Dating UK comes in.

We get it. You’re single and in the UK and you want to find that great partner. Notice that we didn’t say “Perfect”. It’s because “Perfect” doesn’t exist but we can come close to it. 🙂 is a one stop free UK dating site for those single UK folks in search of a better dating site. Not only is Multus Dating free for the UK but if you live in the UK and have other dating interests then Multus Dating has you covered. We offer other markets like Thai Dating, Spanish Dating and Christian Dating and many more. That’s what makes us different and the best part is that we’re 100% free. You won’t find a site like ours anywhere.

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