Welcome to our little corner of the dating world. We are MultusDating and this post is about our Free Indian Dating Site. If you love Indian women or Indian men or love India for that matter then our Multus Indian Dating Site is the hookup you’ve been waiting for and part of the Multus Dating family of 100% free dating sites.

What does a Free Indian Dating Site mean? Well, it means that there are millions of single Indian people in India and around the world and Multus Dating is a premier destination for those singles to find other like minded singles. The best part about it is that it’s 100% free. No money ever needed on our free Indian dating site.

We understand it all. You’re single and you want to find that great Indian partner. Notice that we didn’t say “Perfect”. It’s because “Perfect” doesn’t exist but we can come close to it.

MultusDating.com is a one stop free Indian dating site for those single Indian people who are in search of a better free Indian dating site. Not only is Multus Dating free but if you have other dating interest outside the Indian dating then Multus Dating has you covered. We offer other markets like Spanish Dating, Thai Dating and Senior Dating and many more. That’s what makes us different and the best part is that we’re 100% free dating site for everyone.

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